At New Precision Technology, Inc., we’re known for our robotic systems designed to serve manufacturers with automated dispensing, soldering, coating, gasket extrusion, pick & place, vision inspection, and sensing.

Developed with flexibility and semi-customization in mind, the applications possible with our bench top and stand-alone robotic systems is nearly endless. A few of our most popular applications include:

Gasket Dispensing

Commonly referred to as Form In Place gasketing (FIP), our robotic dispensing process avoids the cumbersome aspects of handling and placing cut gaskets.  It also affords the flexibility of many variations without having to inventory cut gaskets.

In any operation where gasket variations are the rule, FIP gasketing can be a production floor operation that adds value to the bottom line.

Learn more on our Gasket Dispensing page.

Hollow Gasket Dispensing

New Precision Technology has a patented process for hollow gasket dispensing.

Our shaped gasket dispensing process, which we developed in 2006, has opened a wealth of new possibilities in manufacturing, allowing us to re-write the book on traditional gasket dispensing.  Hollow and filled gaskets offer the following advantages:

Learn more on our Hollow Gasket Dispensing page.

High Speed Hotmelt

Hot melt applications are cost effective solutions to challenges in the assembly process. Rapid dispensing coupled with what are typically lower cost adhesives, hot melt processes can have very good returns on investment.

Designed for durability and long life, as well as precision in the application process, our hot melt robotic dispensers are a preferred choice of manufacturers looking for fast and affordable adhesive dispensing equipment.

Learn more on our High Speed Hotmelt page.

Gasket Dispensing

  • High Speed Hotmelt
  • UV Cure FIP gasket example
  • Compliant Foot Gasket Dispensing
  • Hollow Gasket Dispensing - Patented Process
  • Vertical Wall Gasket Dispensing
  • Conductive inks and adhesives
  • Moisture cure RTV gasket dispensing
  • Precision Gaskets For Fuel Cell Plates
  • Two Component Cartridge Dispensing

Hollow Gasket Dispensing – Patented Process

  • Hollow Gasketting Low Viscosity: Tangent Ind
  • Filled Gasket Dispensing - Insulated Wires
  • Hollow Horizontal Gasket Dispensing
  • Hollow Vertical Gasket Dispensing
  • Compressibility of Hollow Gaskets

High Speed Hotmelt

  • High Speed Hotmelt

Spraying Conformal Coating Masking

  • Gerber and DXF Offline Programming Aid
  • ICP Slipcoat Spray to allow gaskets to slide on sheet metal
  • UV Conformal Coating
  • UV Cure Masking

Compliant Foot Gasket Dispensing

  • Shaped Gasket Dispensing
  • Compliant Foot Gasket Dispensing: Off Axis
  • Compliant foot gasket dispensing: square

Pick and Place

  • Fork Pick
  • Grippers
  • Part Handling
  • Vacuum

Quality Verification and Feedback

  • Gasket Scanner
  • Instant non-contact laser scan (no programming required!)
  • Gasket Dispense Verifier
  • Automated Parting Line Detector
  • 3D Surface Scan System
  • Automated profile analysis

Surface Treatment

  • Corona treatment for adhesion promotion
  • Flame Treatment For Adhesion Promotion
  • Soda and Sandblast Treatment For Adhesion Promotion
  • Surface Energy Analysis

Integration: Batch, Dial, and Conveyor

  • Gasket Dispensing and Conformal Coating With On-Board UV Cure
  • High-speed dispensing
  • ICP Over Conveyor No Fixture Spray Application
  • ICP Over Indexing Dial

Automated Fluid Dispensing: Dots, Domes, and Pots

  • Doming
  • Dispensing Pots
  • Volume Fill and Pot

Other Automation

  • Marking
  • Polish
  • Soldering