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June 6, 2017
Replacing O-rings with FIP gasket application
January 1, 2022

Quality Control with New Precision Technology

Automated quality control has never been more effective with direct machine control from New Precision Technology. With 3D planar correction, automated profile analysis, and automated vision system settings, New Precision Technology provides solutions to minimize variations between parts and reduce the amount of wasted materials and rejections.

Correcting Mistakes with Machines

New Precision Technology’s direct machine control model allows for machines to correct defects and errors automatically. Our true 3D planar correction systems re-orient part paths during manufacture to reduce errors. Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT) probes can assess or reject parts with abnormalities with great accuracy. Automated vision system sensing hardware from New Precision Technology automatically align offset parts with quick and effective precision.

Quality Control Software

Software systems from New Precision Technology are used to perform a variety of quality control tests in conjunction with the precision manufacturing hardware. Non-destructive gasket scanners can measure gaskets on multiple axes with laser scanning. New Precision Technology’s Laser Scanning systems also verify gasket dispensing, create 3D scans of part surfaces, detect parting line defects, and create automated profile analyses of interest regions. These software applications work together to reduce the amounts of product waste and minimize rejection rates.

Streamline Your Quality Control Process

Using machines and software from New Precision Technology allows you to reduce process variability, tighten product measurements, and reduce the number of rejects and wasted materials. Our systems will streamline your quality control process and eliminate productivity issues. For your free application demonstration, call New Precision Technology at 412-596-5948.